Tap & Tell Solution is an Extremely Easy way for consumer to provide feedback to companies. “Because Customers want to be heard”

Project Description


Tap & Tell allows you to design highly interactive and customized feedback forms. Your customers can provide their esteemed feedback on your own designed forms by a facile tap.

Project Description:
  Tap&Tell is a web based portal designed for the firms so that their customers can give their prestigious feedback and firms can improve their services after customer’s valuable feedback. According to one of the famous quotes by Kim Collins: “Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.” The secret to this constant improvement of firms only relies on customer’s noble feedback.
  We have developed this web portal using PHP, Smarty, and My SQL, JQuery, HTML5, AJAX and Foundation framework.
Tap & Tell is using dynamic form builders that has enhanced its functionality.
  Tap &Tell is a user’s friendly web portal which is easy to use and extrapolate. The primal services that Tap&Tell provides are as following:
•    Sign Up
•    Sign In
•    Dash Board
1.          Create a New Tap & Tell Location
2.          Add  Survey Questions

•    Manage Locations
•    Payment History

Sign Up:
  Any User can enjoy the services of Tap & Tell by signing up on Tap & Tell’s website. Which is a very facile process. Simply user have to register by adding his email and password. After successful registration user can enjoy exuberant services of Tap & Tell.

Sign In:
  After successful signup user will sign in from his login credentials. So he can use full services of Tap & Tell.

Dash Board:
  Once the user have logged in he enters in dashboard. User can add status, location name and company name. An auto generated question survey will be generated by Tap & Tell system. User can also add extra questions as per his requirements in the preexisting question survey. User can also set the type with every question according to his requirements
  Customer can fill the survey according to his firm and can give his valuable feedback accordingly. As we know that the pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement. That’s why Tap &Tell is providing continuous improvement methodology by allowing firms to generate extra questions according to their needs and after customers feedback firms try to improve their procedures.

Manage Locations:
  Tap & Tell is providing a valuable feature that is manage locations. In this module firms can add locations and their questions they can also delete the added locations if they no longer feel to have these locations. Once locations are added they are shown in a table by their location name, creation date, status, responses and actions. Once the firm has added location it should make its payment .Payment is generated by Tap & Tell monthly based and is generated as an order by system if a firm wants to purchase the order that is generated it should add payment information through Tap&Tell.

Payment History:
  In this module user can view all the payment histories according to location, date, plan, Expiry, paid for and amount. Tap&Tell will show all information accordingly.

How it works?
Tap & Tell is a user friendly web portal which is easy to use and apprehend it consists of three basic steps which are as following:
1)    User can Sign Up and then Sign In
2)    Enter in dashboard and add locations and Survey questions
3)    Manage locations and payments.

Project Deliverables:
  Our deliverables include a hosted, responsive website accessible from any device, documentation for staff and volunteer members on how to operate our system.

Project Outcomes:
  Our team delivered a hosted custom website including the new features developed by the team to our client .It is a responsive web application that has been thoroughly tested by both our team and our client through multiple iterations and is ready to be used.
  Each user role has a different level of authorization to ensure privacy and security in the information that is made accessible for each user.
  As we know that True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes. Hence Tap & Tell has introduced a new platform where firms can get the feed-backs from their customers and improve their ongoing processes in a professional manner.

Year Creation : 2014
Client's Name : Rayan
Technologies : Core PHP| Jquery| HTML5| Smarty| Foundation| AJAX| MYSQL
Category : Surveys| Subscription
Completion Time : 35 Days


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